Investment Criteria

Requirements for Business Investment

In public companies

Reporting Status:   
The company should be a reporting issuer current in its filings.

Shell Status: 
The company must not have been a shell during the last 12 months (or must not have ever been a shell if not a reporting issuer).

The company does not need to have revenues but must have a viable plan for revenues executable during the six months after financing.

Transfer Agent:   
The company must have its shares with a transfer agent that is DWAC/DTC eligible and the Company must be DWAC/DTC eligible.

The business of the company must be viable.

Authorized Shares:
The Company’s total issued and authorized shares cannot be within 25% of its total authorized unless the Company has begun the process to increase the number of authorized shares.

Mastiff must not buy debt from any affiliate of the issuer or its officers or directors or from a shell entity unless the beneficial owner of such entity is disclosed and is not an affiliate of the company or any of its officers or directors.

Favorable Factors (not mandatory):

S-3 Eligibility.


Management team well versed in public markets.