About Us

Mastiff Group


Mastiff Group helps companies go to the next level or manage crisis situations. Whether it’s financing opportunities or consulting for other issues, clients can embrace the change they want with us. Take advantage of our experience from a diverse team of securities lawyers, investment bankers and former executives. Your success is our goal.



Mastiff Group enables results oriented companies to fulfill their business goals. Both public and private sector companies seeking to elevate stagnant business models have engaged Mastiff to consult on mergers and acquisitions, invest capital and ensure regulatory compliance. Mastiff boasts a diverse team of securities lawyers, investment bankers, real estate professionals and entrepreneurs who understand the mechanics behind running a successful business.

JMD Properties

Mastiff Group is the managing member of the JMD Properities. JMD focuses on several markets spaces including multi-family, subdivision development and manufactured housing communities in burgeoning locations.  Through careful market study and on the ground research the team at JMD is able to discover opportunities in various markets that are often neglected by larger institutions.  By combining entrepreneurial, legal, analytical, marketing and practical experience under one umbrella, JMD has the ability to properly manage every aspect of a transaction from start to finish. Click here to learn more about Manufactured Housing Communities.